Bangkok Beckons – 4

Trip to Grand Palace A walk of almost a kilometer in Bangkok heat and humidity is, by no means, a pleasant experience. However the breathtaking vista of the Grand Palace, made the walk worthwhile. The complex (a huge one, at over 200, 000 square meters!), while not housing the Kings any more, still remains theContinue reading “Bangkok Beckons – 4”

Bangkok Beckons – 1

Hope you liked the illustration of my experience in Singapore. Next stop was Bangkok. Here goes the first part of my wide eyed comprehension of phenomenon, called, Bangkok.   The days were getting interestingly hectic! With minimal warning, new vistas were opening up at a breathtaking pace! Seemed like our clients were conspiring with myContinue reading “Bangkok Beckons – 1”

The Journey Begins

My luck, helped immensely by the numerous opportunities that various employers of mine provided me to travel to different parts of the world (30+ countries), is the foundation for starting this journey of “The Trodden Paths”. Before going any further, a small but firm disclaimer. What follows, is my experience with various places and people.Continue reading “The Journey Begins”