Festive seasons, come and go
Carrying along, a heady show
Goodness preached, years on end
But, human psyche, tough to bend

Festivals are for fun and frolic
Time is ripe, to roll and rollick
Making sure of clean surface
Festering inside, lack all grace

Time for rich, to flaunt the wealth
No need now, adopting stealth
Garner time, for false respect
All for a moment, can expect

Why don’t we just play along?
Festivities be year long
Practicing, what is preached
Tough psyche be gently breached

Being human has such a feel
Feeling light, injuries heal
Release the fairy, deep inside
Let it fly, far and wide

In such time, we won’t have need
Of excuse, to do good deed
Every day, we would enrich
That is my festive beseech

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