The Journey

Living life, far and wide
Shades of grey, or crimson tide
Running fast, swerve and sway
Stumbling and making hay

On the way, one meets a friend
Staying on, till the end
Lends a hand, and pulls ashore
Makes your heart to yearn for more

More you give, the more you get
Such a friend is worth the wait
Not just fad, but shining light
Pushes you to reach the height

Glad to say, I am in luck
In spite of being a sitting duck
Being prodded, and being pulled on
Thanks my friends, I see the dawn

Published by Shantanu Chakraborty

I am a "Free-Willy", who loves to love anything that is lovable, be it people, nature, Music, Movies, Sports..... Basically, anything under the sun. In recent times, writing bug bit me hard, which is why I decided to take my expressions to broader community! Requesting all to patronize this journey and provide your uninhibited feedback to make it interesting. Let's all get on this boat together.

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