How you grow

The paths you tread, the miles you do
The smiles you bring, are always true
Amidst the pain, you still bring joy
That is how you grow, my boy

Deriving pleasure from all around
Be it sight, or soothing sound
Open hearted, mind not coy
That is how you grow, my boy

Learn from birds, how to sing
Give your thoughts, a robust wing
Peel the leaves of “life savoy”
That is how you grow, my boy

Ramrod straight, is thy backbone
Words you speak, should set the tone
Being pleasent is not a decoy
That is how you grow, my boy

Be the sponge to absorb all
Reject the dirt, big or small
Being the Swan, is your ploy
That is how you grow, my boy

Be a Sport, within and out
Let the goodness have a shout
Build thy self with Gold Alloy
That is how you grow, my boy

Published by Shantanu Chakraborty

I am a "Free-Willy", who loves to love anything that is lovable, be it people, nature, Music, Movies, Sports..... Basically, anything under the sun. In recent times, writing bug bit me hard, which is why I decided to take my expressions to broader community! Requesting all to patronize this journey and provide your uninhibited feedback to make it interesting. Let's all get on this boat together.

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